30 Most Influential Programmers Ever

Anders HejlsbergSome nice guys made a list of most influential programmers ever. While this list, as any Top 10 (ok, Top 30) is subjective, and each one of us has his favorites, I cannot hold myself to not remark some notable absences. The #1 (based on the comments of the readers) is Anders Hejlsberg. Also, Philippe Kahn was mentioned.

And now I wonder… What was so special so ‘influential’ in the Anders’s personality that made him one of the favorites?

I do think that he was very good in seeing what was the natural way of doing things from an user POV. He managed to keep a user mindset even he advanced in his career. I think that one of the reasons of being great is to not forget that you’ve been once upon a time small. And this is one of the key values which holds Delphi so appealing till today.

This keep us humble.

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