The power of a Community

David I.Just saw the David Intersimone’s post SourceForge announces winners of Fourth Annual Community Choice Awards mentioning that “The best open source project for enterprise was Firebird SQL and stressing that Firebird has its roots in Interbase, one of the Embarcadero‘s products.

Also, David (as well as other Embarcadero insiders) stated enough times already that they will support Firebird in their upcoming products (where applicable), including their flagship product, RAD Studio.

Also, David states that “We look forward to a great future working closely with the Firebird community.”

I think that this is an historic post. It makes… official the end of a dark era of a development model in which existed a clear separation of realities between ‘we – programmers’ and ‘they – our users’. Things are changing and the community got more and more important role in the development process of a product. Think now and compare the position of Firebird with the one of Interbase, the position of CodeGear/Embarcadero with nowadays Borland… the thing which made the difference is community leverage. And I think that in the ‘Open Source Software’ mode is more about this rather than having a bunch of source files together. (Btw, how many of us have the sources of Firebird? Of any Linux distro?…)

I do think that the nowadays Embarcadero (like many other companies) is exactly at the inflection point to adapt more and more their development process to leverage the community as the main innovation force to drive the products further as well as keeping them focused on the needs of the market.

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