RAD Studio 2010: First Preview

RADStudio 2010It seems that Embarcadero sat in stone the release date of RAD Studio 2010. And it’s closer than others might expect: 24/25 August (depends on what part of the Globe you’re on). Also, it seems that IDE  and the Debugger (as is shown in the video bellow)… were significantly improved in this release. I do think that after a long time these areas receive improvements, thing which is pretty encouraging. But we’ll see how each feature will pass the ‘community test’.

See for yourself at:


Comments? Thoughts?


Also be sure to watch this blog. You’ll find here more information about the yet-to-be-released RAD Studio 2010. Already some posts are here. See on the sidebar.

2 thoughts on “RAD Studio 2010: First Preview

  1. Windows Mobile would be brilliant. I use Appforge Crossfire / Mobile VB, discontinued a few years ago. This uses VB6 IDE but is pretty effective. I’d love to be able to use my Delphi skills across all the platforms I have to support.

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