RAD Studio 2010 Released!

RAD Studio 2010 is released!

We wish to thank to all Delphi / C++ Team Members which did a really great job with this release. Perhaps they’re not perfect but what was really impressive was the fact that they tried a lot to focus on what the community as a whole really needs. That’s why I think that their love which is embedded in this product will last in time.

That’s why we had beta reviews of it and we still have. But let’s have a look upon them…


And, for conformity, their names bellow. As I said, they’re not perfect. But they try to be. For your sake. And this is everything which matters.

Adrian Andrei, Al Mannarino, Alastair Fyfe, Aleksandra Selezneva, Alexander Shadrikov, Alexandra Buciumas, Alexandra Ciobanu, Alexandra Diaconu, Alexey Dubkov, Alexey Kovyazin, Allen Bauer, Ana Maria Rusu, Anders Ohlsson, Andreano Lanusse, Andreas Hausladen, Andrei Susnea, Andrey Kuchukov, Angel Martinez, Artur Daschevici, Barry Kelly, Bastian Boday, Bruneau Babet, Bruno Bovey, Calvin Tang, Chad Hower, Charlie Caro , Chikako Yonezawa, Chris Bensen, Chris Buergi, Chris Greene, Chris Hesik, Chris Pattinson, Christine Ellis, Christopher A. White, Claudia Mihaela Hopu, Collin Berg, Constantin Apetrei, Dan Ferrante, Daniel Wischnewski, Darren Kosinski, Dave Wiihetm, David Berneda, David Dean, David Intersimone, David Powell, Dawn Perchik, Dee Elling, Denis Totoliclu, Denisa Uascu, Diala Homsi, Doug Chapman, Dragos Codreanu, Elaine Phelan, Eli Boling, Eliza Condrea, Emell Marcondes, Eric Danielson, Francois Piette, Gabe Goldfield, Gary Staas, Geanina Bunduc, George Catalin Grigore, Gordon Li, Hadi Hariri, Harumi Onji, Heidi Gonther, Henry Liu, Hitoshi Fujii, Holger Flick, Irina Georgiana Vartic, Iulian Chitan, Jan Bosshard, Jason Sprenger, Jason Vokes, Jean-Claude Martin, Jeanne Hansen, Jeff Overcash, Jerome Jolidon , Jerry Barnes, Jim Gunkel, Jim Tierney, John Kaster, Jon Harrison, Joseph Tian, Julian Ramirez, Karl Ewald, Kathrin Schenk, Ken Masuyama, Kenichi Nakano, Kenji Umeda, Kris Houser, Lata Amufurl, Lee Cantey, Leonel Togniolli, Liviu Rusu, Luke Fan, Malcolm Groves, Marcio K. Crocomo, Maria Lisitskaya, Marinela Oboroceanu, Mark Duncan, Mark Edlngton, Marty Thompson, Masahlro Arai, Matthias Eissing, Mayumi Seki, Michael Froh, Michael Swindell, Mihaela Gindu Gabaroi, Mike Devery, Mike Henderson, Mike Rozlog, Naoki Tanaka, Nevil Patel, Nick Hodges, Norbert Michel, Oana Sandu, Pawel Gtowacki, Raluca Dudau, Raluca Petruc, Remy LeBeau, Rick Dickason, Roger Lawrence, Roy Nelson, Ryan Lewis, Satoshi Yamamoto, Sebastian Onofrei, Seppy Bloom, Sergio Cardoso, Shaunak Mistry, Shelby Sanders, Sheree Ervin, Simona Elena Craciun, Sinan Karaca, Spencer Kimball, Sriram Balasubramanian, Stephen Bias, Steve Todd, Takahiko Tsuchiya, Takeshi Arisawa, Tamotsu Maki, Teodor Nacu, Thorn Gerdes, Tim Del Chiaro, Tom Avila, Tomohiro Takahashi, Tony de la Lama, Tsutomu Hayashi, Valerij Kar jakin, Vera A. Lychagina, Viacheslav Slavinsky, Viktoria Izvarina, Viktoria Shirunova, Vladan Strbac, Vyacheslav Zabotlin, Wayne Williams, William Cao, Yooichi Tagawa, Yusuke Konno, Zi Yan Zhang

Also, a great thank you goes to all field testers which devoted a great amount of time and passion fighting with all the obstacles which obstructed the path to the light. Without their commitment, this release would not be possible.

An eye upon them…


And their names… …nevermind. God knows them. And this is everything which matters.

The glory of a programmer
is like a falling comet.

Chris Pattinson, Director of Quality, Embarcadero
many years ago in .public.non-technical

28 thoughts on “RAD Studio 2010 Released!

  1. Tried to install D2010 trial Avira Antivir claims that D2010 installation contains a virus.

    Virus or unwanted program ‘DR/Delphi.Gen [dropper]‘
    detected in file ‘C:\TEMP\myah\core\A1D6B1FD\convert.exe.

    Not a very good start…

    • There is a problem with the Avira Engine. It will give a false alarm with any console program. Just ignore it. The Team knows it from some time and informed (AFAIK) the Avira guys.

              • Actually Avira is not free antivirus, I think you are referring to AVG.

                Avira is one of the best antiviruspackages so I’m not getting rid of it.

                If Delphi team was aware of the problem why didnt they post info about it BEFORE making trial download available.

  2. Hmm, looks like the first picture was heavily photoshopped… the lighting on the faces does not seem consistent, a few shadows have gone MIA and I’m not entirely sure but I think there’re even two different Nick Hodges on there… 😉

    Anyway, congrats and kudos from me to the team, too! 🙂

      • It was my first PhotoShop experience, but I dare you to tell me which people were PhotoShopped in, and which ones were there originally. There are not two Nick Hodges’ in the picture.


        • OK, I accept the challenge. 😉 Though I’m not going to list individual people (there are too few whom I know by name – so that would get rather awkward).

          But I think it’s essentially a collage of two individual group shots (one making up the center and another, containing you and the possible Nick double, to the bottom right of that first group) plus a number of additional people, especially around the left and top “edge” of the crowd. I’m not yet sure which group belonged with the original background, though the shadows (or lack thereoff) suggest it was probably the center group. Both groups were probably photographed in a similar setting (if not actually the same), i.e. standing on grass in the shadows of trees.

  3. It would appear that, if you do not have a fast internet connection, you are stu**ed.

    I’m breaking into a cold sweat here. Please tell me there is some way to purchase D2010 on CD/DVD. There are surely many Delphi programmers internationally that don’t have fast internet connections. Are we out of the picture now?

  4. Ken Knopfli – ‘It would appear that, if you do not have a fast internet connection, you are stu**ed.’ I would assume there is still the ‘media kit’ (=DVD) option for the full (i.e., non-trial) version. Even for the trial though, I downloaded it last night to my old laptop using a USB internet dongle (so, hardly a fast connection!) in the time it took to make and eat some toast. Moreover, it didn’t fall over or require re-downloading stuff when I temporarily lost my connection half way through.

  5. “Fast” is a relative word. My telephone connection is perfectly adequate for normal web browsing and e-mail, but will take hours to download the 16Meg trial.

    I found out the full version (1.7GB ISO image) is available in DVD form (someone mentioned additional cost is 25 Euro), then the last thing I need to know is:

    1. Are all the runtimes and other required stuff (.NET 2.0, 3.5, 3.5SP, JSharp, etc) also on the media kit DVD, and

    2. How does registering work? Does it still include the e-mail option D7 had? (which, incidentally, didn’t work properly even back then!)

    • 1. I think yes.
      2. Yep, it includes the eMail option. Worked for me in D2009 times (IIRC). In D2010 is the same engine, so it should work.

  6. Just to clarify, Nick replied to my queries in his blog. As Wings said, the answers were:

    1. Yes,
    2. Yes.

    Most excellent.

  7. I have just been told by Nick Hodges that patches will NOT be available in Media Kit form, and they WILL be monolithic ISO downloads in the 1.7GB size range.


    This is bizarre. Surely not everyone in the world has access to this kind of internet bandwidth? Wings, you are in the former CCCP, am I right? Do you guys all have this kind of bandwidth in your homes?

    So anyway, I have decided to wait until D2010 has been through some update patches, then buy a Media Kit. I see no other solution.

    • No, I’m not in the former CCCP but, well, let’s say that I’m not very unaware of the conditions from that part of the world. Also here where I am, the Internet speeds aren’t so great either. But when we downloaded the builds in the Field Test we left them overnight and/or on a dedicated computer and they came. Also, you can download them in an Internet Cafe or similar.

  8. Since you’ve included some photos with the current team I just wanted to add some older ones from the Borland ERA …

    Old Borland/Delphi/C++ Builder Team – 1

    Old Borland/Delphi/C++ Builder Team – 2

    Additionally to these, Brian Long collected allot of nice Easter Eggs in Delphi & co:

    Borland Delphi/C++Builder/Etc… Easter Eggs

    C++Builder 6 Easter Eggs

    Delphi 2005 Easter Eggs

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