Newsflash: Guess who???

GuessWhoHi guys, a quick post: Guess who has a blog on one of the most famous IT sites?…

It is… …

Our DavidI!


The same restless man which we all know with the same love for the product, but nowadays – most probably because of his position – a little bit separated from us. Go there and support him! Is for the good of all of us!

It seems that the comments must be moderated. Anyway, my comment (on the gestures post) sounds something like:

Hi David!

You didn’t say that you have a blog here! But well, we’ll take care of this… 😉 Son, nice article and, very good technology in RAD Studio 2010, but, you know, you don’t have very tight connections with us (your community) in order to ‘guide’ you what to write. You saw the others’s comments, isn’t? 🙂 And no, I don’t mean ‘marketing speak’ it will be not fair but, imho, you should have written something like:

– Folks, touch & gesturing is all what you need for kiosk applications.

– RAD Studio 2010 comes with DataSnap which is a n-Tier remoting library on which you can add any filter (encryption, compression etc.) – our community already has these for free – in order to get the data out from your kiosk to your data warehouse and analyze it there. Of course DataSnap supports a bunch of SQL backends from the most expensive ones till the “most free” ones. 🙂

– Guys, the RAD Studio 2010 is the only RAD solution to date to support this on Windows XP. So you don’t need a huge investment both in hardware and software to have kiosk appliances. You can even use your existing computers for that.

– Of course, RAD Studio 2010 is the only RAD solution which has a Visual Designer for your gestures and come with 33 (IIRC) gestures ready to use in your applications.

– Being native code, your Delphi (or C++ Builder) applications will run way faster and with far less resource consumption (especially memory) than any managed solution.

Bottom line for you: Imho, you have good technology but you should cooperate more with your community.

Bottom line for others: Guys, trust RAD Studio – is better than David says 🙂

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