Delphi Legends 2009 Community Award

Delphi SpiritWe reached at the final of our poll and we are ready to present the one who will receive the “Delphi Legends Community Award” this year.

First of all, a big thank you for all which voted (you are approx. 500 coders who voted). We should also be grateful to the Team members who passed by and casted also their vote, but, most importantly, we applaud the Embarcadero’s decision to give this year the “Spirit of Delphi Award”, hence we happily renamed our prize. If you want to review once more who were the finalists you can have look at our previous post.

But let’s advance to see the prizes and comment accordingly… Also, at the end we’ll have also our classical pie chart with the percentages.

The Golden Helmet and so, the Delphi Legends Community Award for the year 2009 goes to…

Gold Helmet

Daniel R. Wolf!

Yes, you heard right. In fact, in my humble opinion this prize should go to the entire Delphi PRAXiS community who was mobilized in an extraordinary way by Sebastian Gingter – his post here (in German). It was impressive to see each day more an more submissions for the main administrator, host and developer of Delphi PRAXiS from 7 years, for one of the main organizers of Delphi Tage (The Delphi conference in Germany) from 5 years, for the driving force behind Delphi-Reference search engine as a humble reconnaissance of his efforts.

And let us not forget that it was way harder for them to fill the entire name in the ‘Other’ field rather than choosing someone else with a single click. (In fact his name was written in various forms – at the end the results are aggregated).

I do think that this is a lesson to learn for all of us. I do think that every Embarcadero employee from every country around the globe should take his example. But not only his example because…

The Silver Helmet of Delphi Legends Community Award for the year 2009 is given to…

Silver Helmet

Zarko Gajic!

We all know who is Zarko. But what many of you don’t know is that one of the finalists (Primoz Gabrijelcic – or ‘Gabr’ as we know him 🙂 ) posted in a Slovenian forum a call for vote but he asked them to not vote for him – (original post here, translation here) he promoted there his favorite (Peter Below) but since is a Slovenian forum and Zarko is close the vast majority of coders voted for him.

I think that we’re not mistaken too much if, for the above post, Primoz Gabrijelcic should receive the Nobility Prize of Delphi Legends Community Award:


But, on the other hand, Primoz’s efforts weren’t spent in vain because…

The Bronze Helmet of Delphi Legends Community Award for the year 2009 is attributed to…

Bronze Helmet

Peter Below!

…here I just want to mention the comment of (most probably) the oldest programmer around here (Ronaldo Souza – he has more than several thousand years) which said:

Peter Below: saving our asses since the last Ice Age! 🙂

And, finally, let us not forget the others. All the coders which received more than 1% from the total number of votes, we generously give them the ‘Community Nominee’ badge:

Community Nominee

Their names?

Jim McKeeth, Primoz Gabrijelcic, Gary Darby, Alister Christie, Andreas Hausladen and Neil Moffatt

…in this order. As you see Andy Hausladen (the last winner) is again on top. There were also other nominees: Barry Kelly, Bob “Dr Bob” Swart, marc hoffman, Dmitry Arefiev, Nick Hodges and …Bill Gates. Hmmm… all the names are very logical. Ok, almost all the names… and I do think that their name says a lot about what a community expect from someone who makes money from Delphi: support, communication.

And now let’s look at our pie:

Pie Chart

I think that the things are very clear: We are a mature community with mature personalities which can act together if needed. Guys, you succeeded to impose your favorite programmer. Why don’t you try to impose your favorite language outside? To spread the word?

And, also, for Embarcadero, I humbly think that the lesson is very clear: Find the best men in your countries of interest, men who really care about their flock because they will lay down their soul for the flock. The one who’re just a hired hand will see the wolf coming to the flock and will leave the flock alone because he’s just a hired hand and he abandons the flock and runs away. Then the wolf attacks the flock and scatters it. The hired hand runs away because he is a hired hand and cares nothing for the sheep.

…and if you think that the above resembles with the Gospel according to St. John, you’re right. Because I do think that nothing is more actual in our situation.

PS: The ones who won the prizes are encouraged (if they wish, of course) to use freely on their site (or everywhere they like) the above badges (scaled or not). Anyway the community recognition is the thing that matters.

21 thoughts on “Delphi Legends 2009 Community Award

    • 🙂

      …in fact this says much more: For what are you nominated? Your posts in newsgroups in this year? Sorry, but I didn’t saw you. Your site? No, I don’t think so. Your books? Good work but Marco’s books are more known – and if you look closer Marco wasn’t ever nominated.
      Yes, I do think that your entire activity as a reseller, Embarcadero employee and ultimately Delphi man really counts. We all know who’s reseller in the BeNeLux. 🙂 So, imho, be humble and go ahead. You are on the right path.

    • “Thanks to the community for the recognition.”

      You’re welcome! 🙂 We’re really glad that you’re happy.

      “And kudos to Wings of Wind people for checking http referers…”
      You started first! 🙂 I really do think that is way better to support a competitor, to put him in front of you, rather than checking some http links. Just not to forget to continue to do this. We, humans, are so perishable…

  1. Congratulations to all!

    One remark:
    Is Delphi alive outside of Germany/Europe??? The majority of winners/voters come from there.

    • “Is Delphi alive outside of Germany/Europe???”

      Yes, sure. See this one. And this is only for my blog. Then were 107 and now are 129 entries in the ‘Country’ tab of ‘Geolocation’ section of my tracker. But you’re noticing an interesting aspect about, perhaps, I will speak in the future. For now, just keep in mind that because Embarcadero is strong overseas (especially in Europe) is a great plus. Perhaps more than you (and me) think.

      • > because Embarcadero is strong overseas
        > (especially in Europe) is a great plus. Perhaps
        > more than you (and me) think.

        Because we Europeans pay more for Delphi? (I couldn’t resist 🙂 )

  2. Hmm, I don’t really remember a “free entry” field when I filled out the poll… but then if I had noticed it, Daniel would indeed have been a natural choice… and it looks like he already got enough votes without me. 😉

    Congrats to all winners!

    I do think the results are probably a bit skewed, though: When you were compiling the list of nominees, this was still intended to be a continuation of the official “Spirit of Delphi” award and as such the previous winners were excluded which you probably wouldn’t have done if this had been “Delphi Legends” from the start… (and before anyone comments: I *did* notice that some of the previous winners crept back in via the “Other” entry)

    • Hmm, I don’t really remember a “free entry” field when I filled out the poll…
      It was from the beginning. The Poll engine calls it ‘Other’. I cannot change it.

      …this was still intended to be a continuation of the official “Spirit of Delphi” award…
      Sure. This because last year it wasn’t given and there were no signs for this year. But “someone” from “Some Company” 😉 assured me that this year will be. But as you saw, the relative difficulty of the ‘Other’ entry didn’t kept the voters to push up their man 🙂

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  6. Congratulations to all of the “Delphi Legends”. You really help our community and also help us do a better job at Embarcadero. Keep up the great work and keep pushing us. We now have more people working on Delphi than ever before. Even with increased resources, we still need the vibrant Delphi community to make programming in Delphi the best way to build applications.

    • Thanks David for commenting this…
      “we still need the vibrant Delphi community”
      Yes, and you always will. It is / could be your advantage against other bigger companies. (You-know-who…)

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