Newsflash: No more MySQL?

mysql60-whereIt seems that dark clouds are gathering around of the future of mySQL since its acquisition by Oracle. In an uncertain atmosphere in which Ex-MySQL leaders take opposite stances in EU-vs.-Oracle discussion (see here) – and a broader overview here, Oracle wipes out without no explanation the downloads for mySQL 6 silently canceling the public beta of the yet-to-be-released database and most probably (?) stalling also the development…

At the time of writing, the mySQL’s official page from where someone can (ok, could) download the latest builds of MySQL 6.0 Community Edition – still in Alpha – looks like this (the page is located at :


But if someone will go to the web time machine will see that clearly the downloads for mySQL 6.0 Alpha were there. Also, the source code in the says “MySQL Server 5.1 series is the current focus of development”.

Here is a screenshot of the wiped downloads (courtesy to – link above):


…and what this does mean for us? Well, thanks God because we have enough abstract communication layers to data so we can switch either to Firebird or PostgreSQL (if you want to use DBX it requires a separate driver available from different 3rd party vendors) if you want to use free solutions either to Interbase, BlackfishSQL, Microsoft SQL Server or (perhaps) Sybase and Informix. Yeah, I don’t think that DB2 and Oracle are direct competitors with MySQL. But if you want, you can use these databases as alternatives, of course.

…but for the ones who have applications deeply tied to mySQL most probably that there will be hard times in the future. And they aren’t so few… Wait, see, and, guys, perhaps is better to have a more abstract DB-backend?… I know that this implies extra effort. And if you cannot afford it then is better to choose an open source project like Firebird or PostgreSQL rather than MySQL which was an open-source product. Or if you have money to pay (but, mind you, this isn’t one off), go with a company which is hard to buy and has its DB engine as (one of) its core businesses.

I think that there’s no best choice. It depends on what you’re doing. So think and choose. You can choose also mySQL, but don’t say that it was my advice to choose it. Sorry, but I don’t think that there’s much love for mySQL inside of Oracle. They will kill it? I don’t know. But it is obvious that they have a very curious way to show their ‘love’ (if any) for mySQL. So… fork? …hmmm… If love doesn’t exist, nothing exists.

UPDATE: It seems that also the reference manual was removed and, now, officially, the “new” version will be just 5.4. Also, what’s really odd, Google ads in mySQL page??? (see the scrennshot bellow) – no I don’t have anything with Google but did you see any big corporate site to have Google ads? Boy, I don’t like how this smells… Btw, thanks a lot to the anonymous commenter which pointed me in the right direction.


32 thoughts on “Newsflash: No more MySQL?

  1. And this:

    “6.0.11 will be the last release of 6.0. After this we will be
    transitioning into a New Release Model for the MySQL Server

    The goal of this transition is to enable more frequent and timely
    releases of the MySQL Server.

    The planned milestone for September 2009 will probably include most of
    the features from 6.0. More detail on which, will be communicated
    before end of June. Features not in this milestone (e.g. Online Backup,
    Falcon, Connection thread pooling, and 4 Byte UTF Support) are planned
    for future milestones when they stabilize.”

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  3. MySQL is not going anywhere. A quick check of their development roadmap clears up your conspiracy:

    Rather than jumping to 6 they have decided to keep using the 5.x release numbering.
    This is not a bad thing and just shows that the software is maturing and the emphasis is shifting away from features to quality and performance.

    Besides even if Oracle did “kill” MySQL, there are now some very healthy community developed forks:
    Drizzle –
    MariaDB –

    • “…it clears up your conspiracy”
      It is/was no conspiracy. 🙂

      “Rather than jumping to 6 they have decided to keep using the 5.x release numbering.
      This is not a bad thing…”

      In itself – sure. But they should make things very clear. Why one should go to SDTimes or must dig in the Dev cycle (a very technical document) – were it wasn’t very clear stated – in order to understand what’s happening? Imho, the lack of care WRT public relations in this matter remembers me (a lot) about what happened with Interbase in the Borland’s dark ages. Also, speaking about Borland’s management with Interbase and – as you say – “emphasis is shifting away from features to quality and performance.” is quite significant that that while they say that ‘all the features from 6.0 will be pushed in 5.4’ (see SD Times article – link somewhere here in comments), the official ‘What’s new’ is in accord with your position speaking just about very few new things in terms of features. And I humbly thing that there’s a lot of improvement for any database engine today.

      Don’t get me wrong, we don’t have anything against mySQL and we really wish to became a good DBEngine in the future – also thanks a lot for your comment – but (as Delphi developers) we passed already exactly this scenario and we have enough experience on this (if you (or anyone) wants, we can expand the subject – the saga of Interbase and Firebird).

  4. New flavour of “product xyyx is dying”? 🙂 I do not believe Oracle is going to kill MySQL, IMHO they will reposition it. Oracle XE looks not to have been a success – there was not a 11g release, and there was no patchsets – I guess something went wrong.
    Probably they will stop the attempts to catch on Oracle – why have two competing products? – and position it below, aimed at those who wouldn’t buy Oracle anyway. It is possible they also work to make them more compatible so to offer an easier upgrade path, but of course like the dreamed “free Delphi” they are aware they can’t cut the revenues brought by Oracle Standard and Oracle Standard One. Swallowing Sun won’t be an easy task – anyway Oracle is still selling Rdb for VMS.
    And developers can always for it as happened with Interbase. Surely they have to find a better name then MariaDB – in many latin languages it’s really laughable.
    And remember: MySQL *was not* a free database for *commercial* applications. Many pretend to ignore it, but open source does not mean *free*. Many Delphi developers should take the time to read the GPL, at least once in their life. But I am afraid those are the same who wants a free full Delphi with just a “non commercial development only” license…. I guess they would obey it as they did with MySQL’s one.

    • New flavour of “product xyyx is dying”?
      😉 …it seems that I’m famous…

      “I do not believe Oracle is going to kill MySQL, IMHO they will reposition it.”
      Probably – it became a viable alternative for Oracle on enough market segments. But there are too much ‘politics’ involved imho.
      And yes, I do think, that we’ll have most probably a mySQLBird too. 🙂

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  6. “Well, thanks God because we have enough abstract communication layers to data so we can switch either to Firebird or PostgreSQL…”

    Enough abstract layers?!?

    Unless all you’ve done is stuck to very basic field types, changing databases is not that easy.

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    • Yep, I know about it. But how difficult is to put on the no-more-6.0 page a ‘professional’ announcement saying something like ‘Don’t worry boys, we just did “this” and “this” because of “A” and “B”, You must click “there” and “there” to head on’. Imho there is a, let’s say, “strange” public relations management out there.

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  10. Oracle will kill MySQL the same way that Microsoft killed FoxPro, through inattention and attrition and redirecting MySQL licenses toward Oracle licenses through incentives, etc. Anyone who thinks Oracle will keep supporting a database used in major corporate projects at low/zero cost is living in a fantasyland. Oracle is in it for the money and the money is in paid costly licenses.

  11. Don’t panic, things are just delayed while everything is in the air.

    The property is too valuable to let languish – Sun has to answer to its share holders after all. It will probably be sold off. Until then, don’t expect Sun to waste any money on its development.

    If it were not for the EU’s psychotic stance on software lately, there would even be a chance Sun would keep it just to have another SKU in their arsenel – don’t count on it tho. EU is crazy after all.

  12. For multi-user databases, I prefer PostgreSQL over MySQL.

    For embedded databases, I prefer both Firebird and Sqlite3 over MySQL.

    One area MySQL won over all others was the sheer number of web applications with built-in support for MySQL. Everything had support for MySQL on the web. And in the old days, PostgreSQL didn’t have a native Windows version but that has changed.

    I’d love to see a reliable (and preferably free) program that helps migrate schemas and data between all of these different databases.

    • Well, we are not prophets. So, (at least personally) I don’t know where is going mySQL. But as Delphi community, we lived such a thing with Interbase / Firebird in the dark period of Borland after Delphi 7. …it seems that most probably I must make another post on this. Stay tuned.

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    • Oh, Rick… While I don’t say that they certainly will kill it (or have such intentions), they certainly can do it. We saw this already with Interbase which was open sourced in the v6.0 time-frame and (in fact) abandoned on SourceForge. The story is much longer and rather interesting. Must probably I’ll post it in some days – this was the beginning of Firebird.

  14. I don’t think it is possible for Oracle to kill MySQL as the database is already open sourced. Anybody could come up with new releases of MySQL, even if Oracle stops funding MySQL development.

    • Very interesting read, thanks.
      I don’t want to appear biased but look were it is placed mySQL. On the (almost) last position, just before OpenOffice. Also, to be exact the link which you provided isn’t a promise. We’re enough burned by these documents (for ex. see the 2000-2006 era of Borland). Have a look at the end of doc – the last paragraph which is the usual disclaimer in such situations. These are their intentions only (which I support till certain degree btw) – they aren’t bound to anything.

  15. I cannot imagine Oracle really pushing or even making a serious effort ot maintain MySQL.

    I mean, here you have your prize and expensive stallion (Oracle) in the stable that you want the world to pay attention to… Are you really gonna bring in another hotshot stallion that costs little to nothing, and set him beside your top product for all to see?

    I doubt it. They are not gonna let any hotshot stallion outshine their money-making workhorse.

    Well was it said, “Keep your friends close… and your enemies closer…”

  16. From a windows platform, the statement ‘oracle didnt kill mysql’ appears to be complete garbage. So they designed the successor to 5.1 to crash all the time, huh ? What sort of progress is that !?? 6.0 supported limitless file handles under windows, now in 5.x, as soon as you try to use any kind of partitioning, it just totally dies a death because there is no support for the windows file handle problem. Basicly oracle have shoved their throbbing member up mysql’s ass. Boycot oracle products, its the only way.

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