WordPress’s Contest – Ways to leverage the community potential

Hi guys, WordPress started a nice contest – more details here. This should give us an idea how to leverage the community potential and be on target while keeping a fast paced advancement of a “certain product” ;-). Why shouldn’t we follow their example?

Also, please don’t hesitate – if you have more ideas to win the contest I’m eager to listen – I really want to make our tool of choice more popular, and bringing new guys here is one of the ways.
Anyway here are my entries to contest:… Continue reading

Turbocharging Delphi 2010 #2: Adding dynamic functionality to 3rd parties – the solution



First of all, let me stress that once again it is shown that the community is way smarter than any individual alone. And of course, when I say any individual, I mean any individual, regardless of company at which he’s working ;-). That’s why I think that the feedback was, is and will be the main innovation power, especially in our industry were, due of the very intellectual nature of our job we can make very easy mistakes if we advance alone. Only in this way we can approach to the naturalism and neutrality of perfection. Yes, I put the Stanley Kubrik‘s photo on purpose.

The man of the day in this case is Heinz Z. (Heinz, if you want, I can make public your full name ๐Ÿ™‚ ) which on my latest post about different techniques to extend the functionality of a class which we cannot control, gave a very simple and effective solution. Rather than leaving his answer there I think that’s appropriate to make a special post here giving him the pen:… Continue reading

Turbocharging Delphi 2010: Adding dynamic functionality to 3rd party frameworks (Read: VCL)

giraffeYeah, I know: Use Tag. But no, I won’t. If I can. But sometimes I cannot. But let me explain the problem first:

Many times there is a need to have metadata which has at least one of the properties bellow…

  • dynamic
  • added at runtime
  • to objects which we don’t control their class specification

…then we are in trouble… Continue reading

Innovation: Array quirks and Generators

ListsSpeaking a little bit about innovation, we had a great discussion about Class Signatures also here in this blog as well as in a very hot thread in the .language forum, and finally I’ve submitted also a QC Report – vote for it btw.

But today I would ask for your opinion about another feature request, which, in fact, will fill a gap (or rather an oddity?) in the Delphi compiler. But the main point is how to implement it… Continue reading

Fighting The Battle of Innovation


“Father, what we are missing in order to become saints like the ones from the past?”

St. Seraphim of Sarov

Preamble: This post is a humble addition to a comment made by someone from you. I’m sure that he knows what I’m talking about… …feel free to skip if you wish…

…On the day of the attack on Pearl Harbor (December 8, 1941, in Manila),… Continue reading

Community pulse: Undo in form designer.

reaching-the-sky-lOne of the main drawbacks of our IDE is the lack of Undo in the Form Designer. I thought that it was a matter of time to do it, but when I read this thread I figured out that the problem can be also elsewhere… …besides of the assumptions about what the community thinks about something. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Continue reading

The Memory Barrier: Poll results, Comments, Solutions.

aquariumHi again – we will return to strategy posts soon, but till then, I owe you some results. Asking “Would you like a solution delivered quickly which would allow accessing more than 2/4 GB?” (see here) it seems that the results are quite balanced, however it seems most of you want improvements in this area in a form or another. But let’s see our pie:… Continue reading

What about Class Types?


Too many men
There’s too many people
Making too many problems
And not much love to go round
Can’t you see?
This is a land of confusion.

Genesis, Land of Confusion

…Well, there IMHO there is a problem with the way in which we’re coding. And this problem come from the fact that the classes represent a (rather) static system designed on premise in order to address the needs of a problem which is dynamic in its nature… Continue reading

What means RAD anyway?

ClimbingOnce upon a time, Rapid Application Development “meant” IDE. This was Turbo Pascal. One could way faster work with an integrated environment rather than with disparate programs trying to fit them together in order to form a toolchain.

After this was the Visual bubble. The Form Designer with an Object Inspector near to it in order to speed up the GUI development process. This was Delphi and Visual Basic… Continue reading

For Whom The Bell Tolls


Take a look to the sky just before you die
It is the last time you will…

…being from enough years now a Delphi community member. Also, I monitor and/or I’m involved in other communities. But from some time now I look at Delphi community from outside. Also my other ‘specialty’ allow me to cast a very different eye on the matters. Different from a programmer perspective. But I’ll try to bind all the puzzles… Continue reading

Where do you want to go Tomorrow? Cross-platform? Native code?

CrossroadsAs you requested, here we have the cross-platform poll. As perhaps you already know, the Team is in works at the “Project X”, the Embarcadero’s cross-platform solution, which most probably Mike Rozlog will mention in his talk at CodeRage 4. Also, they’re working at a new cross-compiler which is a major overhaul of the old one.

The poll bellow is Continue reading

Hurry Up!

Mind your bussinesFrom the Embarcadero’s On-Line Shop:…

The Upgrade product is available to registered owners of 2006-2009 versions of CodeGear RAD Studio, Borland Developer Studio, Delphi, Delphi Prism or C++Builder Enterprise or Architect products. For a limited time only, through Dec 31, 2009, registered users of all classic versions 1 through 2005 also qualify for upgrade pricing.

The interesting part is… Continue reading

Community pulse: CodeRage 4, RTTI Reloaded

Narcissistic EagleCodeRage 4 is very close so the Embarcadero guys started to promote it – seeing it’s schedule I think that it will be a very nice virtual conference with the main focus (of course) on RAD Studio 2010. DavidI wrote a nice post summing up everything that you’ll need to know if you’re interested.

But on the ‘dark side of the moon’, there is enough interest in the new RTTI engine. Let us summarize some quick facts in order to clear up some misunderstandings: (Barry please CIIW ๐Ÿ™‚ )… Continue reading

On Programming Warfare

“Do not repeat the tactics which have gained you one victory, but let your methods be regulated by the infinite variety of circumstances”

Sun Tzu

HumansThe father of modern strategic study, Carl von Clausewitz, defined military strategy as “the employment of battles to gain the end of war.” Hence, he gave the preeminence to political aims over military goals, ensuring civilian control of the military.
Of course, this applies also to the software development where any IT problem is human in its very core… Continue reading

RAD Studio 2010: Community pulse: The day after. (Part 2)

TThreadSome interesting topics about RAD Studio 2010:

The fastest fix ever?

With few days before release, there was a very hot thread in .public.non-technical forum, called ย ‘Fatal threading model!’. The issue mentioned there was fixed in the official version released shortly after:… Continue reading

RAD Studio 2010: Community pulse: The day after. (Part 1)

database01Well, as you know the RAD Studio 2010 was released. Let’s answer to some questions which folks raised in forums. One of the most discussed problems (besides SA notifications) was the database support. And this isn’t odd at all since most of us use Delphi as a Database Development tool. No, I don’t imply that Delphi cannot be used in other applications, I just wanted to point out how important is Database support in Delphi. But let’s look a little bit closer… Continue reading

RAD Studio 2010 Released!

RAD Studio 2010 is released!

We wish to thank to all Delphi / C++ Team Members which did a really great job with this release. Perhaps they’re not perfect but what was really impressive was the fact that they tried a lot to focus on what the community as a whole really needs. That’s why I think that their love which is embedded in this product will last in time.

That’s why we had beta reviews of it and we still have. But let’s have a look upon them… Continue reading

2nd virus threat: Now Much Dangerous than the former

PropagandaPerhaps you already know about the “Delphi virus” which is in the news these days. I would not enter (again) in the details of this. There is already enough virtual ink on this. For example, Marco Cantu summed up some links on the theme. Also Craig Stuntz has a nice post about this.

But now in the wild is a 2nd ‘virus’ with a much more dangerous ‘payload’ that the former:Continue reading

RAD Studio 2010 Review #12: – Tooling, Help, Unicode

ToolsSure, weโ€™re talking about a prerelease beta. Anything can change till release. But I think that you can trust some bits bellow ;-). Also, greetings flies to Embarcadero for giving us the permission to discuss this.

First, to let you know how that the embedded packages received only bug fixes, shown by the bumping of their version numbers (in the chart bellow there are comparisons with Delphi 2009):

  • Rave Reports: from 7.6 (in D2009) to 7.7
  • Indy: from 10.2.5 to 10.5.5
  • TeeChart Standard: from 8.03 to 8.05

…well we could say that in the Internet arena IntraWeb stayed to version 10 (I cannot say that it received bugfixes because they doesn’t have a minor version number) but…ย  Continue reading

RAD Studio 2010 Review #11: – DataSnap

DataSnapGuys, don’t forget that weโ€™re talking about a prerelease beta. Anything can change till release. Also, let us not forget to thank Embarcadero for giving us the permission to talk about this.

First of all, what is very nice in the new DataSnap is that you have the feeling of a n-tier solution which is usable in the real sense of the word. The great thing is that because there is a DataSnap implementation on .NET and because DataSnap can use JSON, you can have a seamless data exchange between native Windows, .NET, and Java applications. Pretty neat I’d say.

But let’s see some from the DataSnap features. First, you have… Continue reading