FileSuite, Delphi Core and the Cross-Platform Quest

Well, we have a new release of FileSuite featuring a fine-grained multi-threaded file engine which can execute any (oh, well…) custom action, exe file or script on a file or host event (yes, you can have a centralized backup control for any host from the network immediately when it will be online – no need to install any software client) enough bug fixes, mirroring enhancements aso. You can see some from the enhancements in the screenshots page. Also we found a new payment processing company which has much more features thing which allowed us to reduce the price. So, we must be happy… And yes we are. Almost. Continue reading

Best. Programming Feature. Ever.

Programming Workflow

Programming Workflow

Working on the FileSuite (yes, we renamed the product – we think that this new name shows better what we try to achieve) we found what should be certainly labeled as the Best. Programming Feature. Ever!.

We even challenge everyone to find a better programming feature than this one. Please enter in the comments your “best” programming feature and the reason(s) why it should regarded like this and in one of the next posts we’ll set up a contest based on a poll with prizes.

But what we found?… Continue reading

How the Humans Think

Happy new year to everyone! 🙂

To everyone? Well, yes, I suppose so because we don’t require any password to read this post 🙂
New year? Well, yes. Dude, have a look at the calendar. (Well, we accept as standard the Gregorian Calendar, isn’t it?)
Happy?… hmmmm… this can be a problem. A tough one. Let me explain… Continue reading

A Better Time Machine

Well, here we are. Finally we released the FileWatcher. If was a very interesting experience about, if the time permits, we’ll blog further.

But what’s most important in this experiment was that we were determined to build a tool for you. For customers. Sounds great, isn’t? But in practice isn’t so straight as it seems to be… Continue reading

Compile-A-Virus, FileFeeds: a Solution

FileWatcherLogoThe idea started with the advent of the new kind of viruses commonly called Compile-A-Virus which compiles itself in one of the system units of a certain programming language. Nowadays, the most famous one is the W32/Induc-A which targets the old versions of Delphi, but in fact, there are other malware in the same category which targets other platforms. One of the most targeted platforms today is .NET (starting since 2002 already) on which there are even tools and videos (!) how to do itContinue reading

2nd virus threat: Now Much Dangerous than the former

PropagandaPerhaps you already know about the “Delphi virus” which is in the news these days. I would not enter (again) in the details of this. There is already enough virtual ink on this. For example, Marco Cantu summed up some links on the theme. Also Craig Stuntz has a nice post about this.

But now in the wild is a 2nd ‘virus’ with a much more dangerous ‘payload’ that the former:Continue reading