Delphi 2011 and beyond: The Libraries Ahead

There is enough speculation about what library / libraries we’ll encounter in the next version(s) of Delphi. We know that the next version code-named Fullcrum (don’t click here and here – AFAIK the links aren’t related with the team’s intentions ;-)) will be a cross-platform product which will target Windows, Mac OSX and Linux… Continue reading

New Patterns in Software Development

Today we’ll have a slightly different post, delaying a little bit our other favorite themes, speaking about “new” (note the quotes) patterns in today’s software landscape.

Well, one can write an entire book on this theme, that’s why we’ll stop today on just one pattern: The Open Project.
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Dangerous Cross-Roads

{$IFDEF Danger}...

Nobody can harm me, except myself.

St. John Chrysostom, speaking about his executioners

While preparing the FileSuite for release (already a beta is available for download) we will dig(g) once again in the dark areas of Delphi’s source code.

While in one of ours last posts we spoke about an opinion which now and then is a hot theme in Delphi community (the legendary var block) – and enough programmers expressed their concerns about the safety issues tied to this – today we’ll speak about something opposite… Continue reading

Community Pulse: Delphi and RAD Studio Prices from v1 till Now

Hi guys, we usually don’t post so often, but there are very hard fights on .public.non-technical battlefield about a yet-to-be released low-priced / free Delphi edition. There are very very very good posts by members of the team – Michael Swindell (the “Senior Vice President of Marketing and Product Management“) stands out by far – seconded by Nick and Allen. Be sure to check them out, (if you didn’t already) because Michael reveals many things which were till now unknown or misinterpreted…
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FileSuite, Delphi Core and the Cross-Platform Quest

Well, we have a new release of FileSuite featuring a fine-grained multi-threaded file engine which can execute any (oh, well…) custom action, exe file or script on a file or host event (yes, you can have a centralized backup control for any host from the network immediately when it will be online – no need to install any software client) enough bug fixes, mirroring enhancements aso. You can see some from the enhancements in the screenshots page. Also we found a new payment processing company which has much more features thing which allowed us to reduce the price. So, we must be happy… And yes we are. Almost. Continue reading

How the Humans Think

Happy new year to everyone! πŸ™‚

To everyone? Well, yes, I suppose so because we don’t require any password to read this post πŸ™‚
New year? Well, yes. Dude, have a look at the calendar. (Well, we accept as standard the Gregorian Calendar, isn’t it?)
Happy?… hmmmm… this can be a problem. A tough one. Let me explain… Continue reading

A Better Time Machine

Well, here we are. Finally we released the FileWatcher. If was a very interesting experience about, if the time permits, we’ll blog further.

But what’s most important in this experiment was that we were determined to build a tool for you. For customers. Sounds great, isn’t? But in practice isn’t so straight as it seems to be… Continue reading

Compile-A-Virus, FileFeeds: a Solution

FileWatcherLogoThe idea started with the advent of the new kind of viruses commonly called Compile-A-Virus which compiles itself in one of the system units of a certain programming language. Nowadays, the most famous one is the W32/Induc-A which targets the old versions of Delphi, but in fact, there are other malware in the same category which targets other platforms. One of the most targeted platforms today is .NET (starting since 2002 already) on which there are even tools and videos (!) how to do itContinue reading

Newsflash: No more MySQL?

mysql60-whereIt seems that dark clouds are gathering around of the future of mySQL since its acquisition by Oracle. In an uncertain atmosphere in which Ex-MySQL leaders take opposite stances in EU-vs.-Oracle discussion (see here) – and a broader overview here, Oracle wipes out without no explanation the downloads for mySQL 6 silently canceling the public beta of the yet-to-be-released database and most probably (?) stalling also the development… Continue reading

Community pulse: Delphi Survey hacked (well, almost) – Part 1

SurveyHi guys, first of all please let me tell you that we have some really interesting interviews with most of the nominees of our award! (more on the pipeline πŸ˜‰ ) – be sure to check them out in the next posts. Since then, we see that all of you are occupied with the famous Delphi Survey and because this survey is really technical grade and complex please feel free to discuss, ask and comment here and / or in the newsgroups. Note that we snipped the ‘obvious / clear’ (imho) questions… Continue reading

Delphi Legends 2009 Community Award

Delphi SpiritWe reached at the final of our poll and we are ready to present the one who will receive the “Delphi Legends Community Award” this year.

First of all, a big thank you for all which voted (you are approx. 500 coders who voted). We should also be grateful to the Team members who passed by and casted also their vote, but, most importantly, we applaud the Embarcadero’s decision to give this year the “Spirit of Delphi Award”, hence we happily renamed our prize. If you want to review once more who were the finalists you can have look at our previous post.

But let’s advance to see the prizes and comment accordingly… Continue reading

Newsflash: The official Delphi 2010 Survey

RADStudio 2010A message from our projman in the .non-techical battlefield:


First, I want to thank you for all of your support in the past, present, and
future. Below is the link to the 2010 Delphi survey, this is conducted by
Embarcadero and the Product Management for the Delphi product. The
responses are extremely important to us and help to shape the vision and
future of the product.

I know the survey is long, very LONG! But again, the information we get
from the answers you give are needed more than ever.

Please pass this survey on to anybody you think would be interested in
filling it out.

Again, thanks!


Mike Rozlog
Product Manager – Delphi

Be sure to fill it! It is long but it worths the effort. It is one of the BEST surveys which I saw – ok, perhaps you’ll find ‘holes’ but its main feature is that they show that they know what’s happening. Well, but let’s see the implementation. Anyway, we must do our job.

WordPress’s Contest – Ways to leverage the community potential

Hi guys, WordPress started a nice contest – more details here. This should give us an idea how to leverage the community potential and be on target while keeping a fast paced advancement of a “certain product” ;-). Why shouldn’t we follow their example?

Also, please don’t hesitate – if you have more ideas to win the contest I’m eager to listen – I really want to make our tool of choice more popular, and bringing new guys here is one of the ways.
Anyway here are my entries to contest:… Continue reading

Hurry Up!

Mind your bussinesFrom the Embarcadero’s On-Line Shop:…

The Upgrade product is available to registered owners of 2006-2009 versions of CodeGear RAD Studio, Borland Developer Studio, Delphi, Delphi Prism or C++Builder Enterprise or Architect products. For a limited time only, through Dec 31, 2009, registered users of all classic versions 1 through 2005 also qualify for upgrade pricing.

The interesting part is… Continue reading

RAD Studio 2010 Released!

RAD Studio 2010 is released!

We wish to thank to all Delphi / C++ Team Members which did a really great job with this release. Perhaps they’re not perfect but what was really impressive was the fact that they tried a lot to focus on what the community as a whole really needs. That’s why I think that their love which is embedded in this product will last in time.

That’s why we had beta reviews of it and we still have. But let’s have a look upon them… Continue reading

2nd virus threat: Now Much Dangerous than the former

PropagandaPerhaps you already know about the “Delphi virus” which is in the news these days. I would not enter (again) in the details of this. There is already enough virtual ink on this. For example, Marco Cantu summed up some links on the theme. Also Craig Stuntz has a nice post about this.

But now in the wild is a 2nd ‘virus’ with a much more dangerous ‘payload’ that the former:Continue reading