Community pulse: Delphi’s Killer Feature

Managing variables with ease

Managing variables with ease

The usual “off-line” comment: Guys, we’re preparing FileSuite 2. Many interesting things inside – many bugs fixed, folder constraints more scripting commands and, of course, Shell Events. On of the main themes of this release are the usability issues so feel free to submit your feedback. We hope that we’ll have something to present in 7-10 days. Thanks a lot.

And now back in present: There’s a question on StackOverflow asking Whatโ€™s your favourite programming language, and its killer feature?

Seeing there that Delphi’s choice is #1 among the answers it seems that Delphi’s killer ‘feature’ is becoming (again) its community.
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Community pulse: New ways to enhance Delphi

There is an interminable thread on the public.non-technical battlefield called ‘Delphi for the Mac’. At the time of writing, there are approximative 500 (five hundreds) posts on that. (493 to be more exact). No, I won’t provide a link. Because I think that is better (at least now after 500 posts) to start a concrete discussion in order to enhance our tool of choice.

Don’t get me wrong, I do think that defending a tool is good, but this defense must take the form of enhancing our product, and not denigrating the other one just because it doesn’t fit with “my/our” philosophy.

So, in my humble opinion, we must take and adapt what is good on the other product (XCode / Interface Builder in this case) and avoid what is bad. I know that you are willing to do give feedback on this, the vast majority of you proved it many times, including in the last poll which we made. The results are depicted in our classical pie on the right.

However, our community has a long lasting disease – we transform ourselves in a community of talkers in order to be a team of doers. We had this also with .NET and now it seems that we start to have it with Mac. Sons, the better covering of user’s needs through innovation is the thing which will ensure our survival.

So, in short: …and correct me if I’m wrong. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Giving a heading light

HeadingWe ended the first technology preview stage of our new tool – FileWatcher (we spoke about it here) and we’re heading to a release. There are significant improvements and additional features to that early version posted there, (btw, if you want something in special, you can post it in comments, or send an email) but now I don’t want to speak about these.

I rather want to speak about another human phenomenon which we encountered during the construction of this tool. Because we started something from scratch, we did an experiment: without compromising the product’s quality, we wanted to use Delphi as much as possible and any other 3rd party library (especially our libraries) as sparingly as possible… Continue reading

The Anti-Case campaign

LegoSome time ago, Nick and Malcolm drew our attention on a site which promote an anti-if campaign. Well, I don’t know how much that campaign is interesting for us, because, sincerely, I don’t see any time soon the if construction removed from programming languages.

But I will propose another campaign which I think is much more stringent for Delphi developers… Continue reading

Delphi Legends 2009 Community Award: The interviews

WinnersHi guys, once again. We have one week since we published the results for Delphi Legends 2009 Community Award. We have also a lot of interesting info to publish both technical and some points of view regarding to important community events which we pass now (including the somewhat unrelated mySQL matter), but today we have a very special post. You will have the occasion to see who are the winners and what your chosen ones are thinking about. The post is rather long (it seems that is a fashion nowadays) but the content (in my humble opinion) really worth the effort… Continue reading

Delphi Legends 2009 Community Award

Delphi SpiritWe reached at the final of our poll and we are ready to present the one who will receive the “Delphi Legends Community Award” this year.

First of all, a big thank you for all which voted (you are approx. 500 coders who voted). We should also be grateful to the Team members who passed by and casted also their vote, but, most importantly, we applaud the Embarcadero’s decision to give this year the “Spirit of Delphi Award”, hence we happily renamed our prize. If you want to review once more who were the finalists you can have look at our previous post.

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The Memory Barrier: Poll results, Comments, Solutions.

aquariumHi again – we will return to strategy posts soon, but till then, I owe you some results. Asking “Would you like a solution delivered quickly which would allow accessing more than 2/4 GB?” (see here) it seems that the results are quite balanced, however it seems most of you want improvements in this area in a form or another. But let’s see our pie:… Continue reading

Where do you want to go Tomorrow? Cross-platform? Native code?

CrossroadsAs you requested, here we have the cross-platform poll. As perhaps you already know, the Team is in works at the “Project X”, the Embarcadero’s cross-platform solution, which most probably Mike Rozlog will mention in his talk at CodeRage 4. Also, they’re working at a new cross-compiler which is a major overhaul of the old one.

The poll bellow is Continue reading

RAD Studio 2010: Community pulse: The day after. (Part 2)

TThreadSome interesting topics about RAD Studio 2010:

The fastest fix ever?

With few days before release, there was a very hot thread in .public.non-technical forum, called ย ‘Fatal threading model!’. The issue mentioned there was fixed in the official version released shortly after:… Continue reading

RAD Studio 2010: Community pulse: The day after. (Part 1)

database01Well, as you know the RAD Studio 2010 was released. Let’s answer to some questions which folks raised in forums. One of the most discussed problems (besides SA notifications) was the database support. And this isn’t odd at all since most of us use Delphi as a Database Development tool. No, I don’t imply that Delphi cannot be used in other applications, I just wanted to point out how important is Database support in Delphi. But let’s look a little bit closer… Continue reading

RAD Studio 2010 Review #10: – Database Jewels

Data ExplorerFinally we reached to the database part. Even if we’re talking about aย a prerelease beta and anything can change till release, I do think that you’ll see the features described bellow. ๐Ÿ™‚ Also, let us not forget to give a thank to the Embarcadero guys for giving us the permission to talk about this.

Perhaps after such a long wait, you will expect to say many things about the Firebird support in Delphi 2010. But I’ll say…ย  Continue reading