On Programming Warfare

“Do not repeat the tactics which have gained you one victory, but let your methods be regulated by the infinite variety of circumstances”

Sun Tzu

HumansThe father of modern strategic study, Carl von Clausewitz, defined military strategy as “the employment of battles to gain the end of war.” Hence, he gave the preeminence to political aims over military goals, ensuring civilian control of the military.
Of course, this applies also to the software development where any IT problem is human in its very core… Continue reading

RAD Studio 2010: Community pulse: The day after. (Part 2)

TThreadSome interesting topics about RAD Studio 2010:

The fastest fix ever?

With few days before release, there was a very hot thread in .public.non-technical forum, called  ‘Fatal threading model!’. The issue mentioned there was fixed in the official version released shortly after:… Continue reading

RAD Studio 2010: Community pulse: The day after. (Part 1)

database01Well, as you know the RAD Studio 2010 was released. Let’s answer to some questions which folks raised in forums. One of the most discussed problems (besides SA notifications) was the database support. And this isn’t odd at all since most of us use Delphi as a Database Development tool. No, I don’t imply that Delphi cannot be used in other applications, I just wanted to point out how important is Database support in Delphi. But let’s look a little bit closer… Continue reading

2nd virus threat: Now Much Dangerous than the former

PropagandaPerhaps you already know about the “Delphi virus” which is in the news these days. I would not enter (again) in the details of this. There is already enough virtual ink on this. For example, Marco Cantu summed up some links on the theme. Also Craig Stuntz has a nice post about this.

But now in the wild is a 2nd ‘virus’ with a much more dangerous ‘payload’ that the former:Continue reading

Building impossible frameworks

twinsSome time ago we had to write an impossible application. And like any other such application, it doesn’t showed up from the beginning how “impossible” it was. It was about a team scheduler which would assign different task to different team members, based on various constraints related to each member’s capabilities as well as to the project time line.
Why I remembered this? Because of some comments on a previous post made by Chris Rolliston and Ken Knopfli. Both made good comments with regard to the hidden complexity which most of the times surfaces during the application lifecycle.
And remember, the most common cause of failure of a software project is (according to Steve McConell) is it’s uncontrolled complexity. Also, Tom DeMarco & Timothy Lister note in their reference book (Peopleware – a must read) that not even a single project (from thousands which authors examined) failed because of a technical reason.
So, we took our weapon of choice (Delphi of course) and started to build the impossible… Continue reading

The Worst Unfixed Fixed Inexistent Bug

Wondering eyesWe all know that Delphi is a really great tool. Many consider it #1 in Desktop Windows development. So do I, but perhaps I’m biased. I use it from so many years, and I still have to find something better that it, especially when it comes to talk about complex GUIs, speed of development, speed and size of executable, power and flexibility given to the developer, mainly when we speak about database-related applications.

Pretty nice advertisement, eh?…

Well, many of us think that this is true, especially with the latest versions of it (I mean D2007, D2009) – guys, no religious wars, please! The post is about another thing.

It’s about a thing which, while “inexistent” (note the quotes) from technical POV (perhaps) it was (and still is!) one of the Most Expensive Human Bugs which I found in my entire career… Continue reading

30 Most Influential Programmers Ever

Anders HejlsbergSome nice guys made a list of most influential programmers ever. While this list, as any Top 10 (ok, Top 30) is subjective, and each one of us has his favorites, I cannot hold myself to not remark some notable absences. The #1 (based on the comments of the readers) is Anders Hejlsberg. Also, Philippe Kahn was mentioned.

And now I wonder… Continue reading

The power of a Community

David I.Just saw the David Intersimone’s post SourceForge announces winners of Fourth Annual Community Choice Awards mentioning that “The best open source project for enterprise was Firebird SQL and stressing that Firebird has its roots in Interbase, one of the Embarcadero‘s products.

Also, David (as well as other Embarcadero insiders) stated enough times already that they will support Firebird in their upcoming products (where applicable), including their flagship product, RAD Studio.

Also, David states that “We look forward to a great future working closely with the Firebird community.”

I think that this is an historic post. It makes… Continue reading