Newsflash: No more MySQL?

mysql60-whereIt seems that dark clouds are gathering around of the future of mySQL since its acquisition by Oracle. In an uncertain atmosphere in which Ex-MySQL leaders take opposite stances in EU-vs.-Oracle discussion (see here) – and a broader overview here, Oracle wipes out without no explanation the downloads for mySQL 6 silently canceling the public beta of the yet-to-be-released database and most probably (?) stalling also the development… Continue reading

What means RAD anyway?

ClimbingOnce upon a time, Rapid Application Development “meant” IDE. This was Turbo Pascal. One could way faster work with an integrated environment rather than with disparate programs trying to fit them together in order to form a toolchain.

After this was the Visual bubble. The Form Designer with an Object Inspector near to it in order to speed up the GUI development process. This was Delphi and Visual Basic… Continue reading

RAD Studio 2010: Community pulse: The day after. (Part 1)

database01Well, as you know the RAD Studio 2010 was released. Let’s answer to some questions which folks raised in forums. One of the most discussed problems (besides SA notifications) was the database support. And this isn’t odd at all since most of us use Delphi as a Database Development tool. No, I don’t imply that Delphi cannot be used in other applications, I just wanted to point out how important is Database support in Delphi. But let’s look a little bit closer… Continue reading

RAD Studio 2010 Review #11: – DataSnap

DataSnapGuys, don’t forget that we’re talking about a prerelease beta. Anything can change till release. Also, let us not forget to thank Embarcadero for giving us the permission to talk about this.

First of all, what is very nice in the new DataSnap is that you have the feeling of a n-tier solution which is usable in the real sense of the word. The great thing is that because there is a DataSnap implementation on .NET and because DataSnap can use JSON, you can have a seamless data exchange between native Windows, .NET, and Java applications. Pretty neat I’d say.

But let’s see some from the DataSnap features. First, you have… Continue reading

RAD Studio 2010 Review #10: – Database Jewels

Data ExplorerFinally we reached to the database part. Even if we’re talking about a a prerelease beta and anything can change till release, I do think that you’ll see the features described bellow. 🙂 Also, let us not forget to give a thank to the Embarcadero guys for giving us the permission to talk about this.

Perhaps after such a long wait, you will expect to say many things about the Firebird support in Delphi 2010. But I’ll say…  Continue reading

RAD Studio 2010 Review #9: – Attributes, The new RTTI and DB Access

AttributesIn this week we’ll talking about some database / communication features (including Firebird support, Intraweb etc.) Mind you, is a prerelease beta. Anything can change till release. All our gratitude to Embarcadero for giving us the permission to talk about this.

But first, let us try to calm the stir provoked by a post of Embarcadero’s Malcolm Groves in which our Senior Director talks a little bit about attributes. We’ll try here to give an extended example (the classical one about using attributes to implement class persistence) and explain why the attributes are useful and how they will help you in your work…  Continue reading

The Worst Unfixed Fixed Inexistent Bug

Wondering eyesWe all know that Delphi is a really great tool. Many consider it #1 in Desktop Windows development. So do I, but perhaps I’m biased. I use it from so many years, and I still have to find something better that it, especially when it comes to talk about complex GUIs, speed of development, speed and size of executable, power and flexibility given to the developer, mainly when we speak about database-related applications.

Pretty nice advertisement, eh?…

Well, many of us think that this is true, especially with the latest versions of it (I mean D2007, D2009) – guys, no religious wars, please! The post is about another thing.

It’s about a thing which, while “inexistent” (note the quotes) from technical POV (perhaps) it was (and still is!) one of the Most Expensive Human Bugs which I found in my entire career… Continue reading