New Patterns in Software Development

Today we’ll have a slightly different post, delaying a little bit our other favorite themes, speaking about “new” (note the quotes) patterns in today’s software landscape.

Well, one can write an entire book on this theme, that’s why we’ll stop today on just one pattern: The Open Project.
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Newsflash: No more MySQL?

mysql60-whereIt seems that dark clouds are gathering around of the future of mySQL since its acquisition by Oracle. In an uncertain atmosphere in which Ex-MySQL leaders take opposite stances in EU-vs.-Oracle discussion (see here) – and a broader overview here, Oracle wipes out without no explanation the downloads for mySQL 6 silently canceling the public beta of the yet-to-be-released database and most probably (?) stalling also the development… Continue reading

The Memory Barrier: Poll results, Comments, Solutions.

aquariumHi again – we will return to strategy posts soon, but till then, I owe you some results. Asking “Would you like a solution delivered quickly which would allow accessing more than 2/4 GB?” (see here) it seems that the results are quite balanced, however it seems most of you want improvements in this area in a form or another. But let’s see our pie:… Continue reading

RAD Studio 2010: Community pulse: The day after. (Part 1)

database01Well, as you know the RAD Studio 2010 was released. Let’s answer to some questions which folks raised in forums. One of the most discussed problems (besides SA notifications) was the database support. And this isn’t odd at all since most of us use Delphi as a Database Development tool. No, I don’t imply that Delphi cannot be used in other applications, I just wanted to point out how important is Database support in Delphi. But let’s look a little bit closer… Continue reading

RAD Studio 2010 Review #10: – Database Jewels

Data ExplorerFinally we reached to the database part. Even if we’re talking about a a prerelease beta and anything can change till release, I do think that you’ll see the features described bellow. 🙂 Also, let us not forget to give a thank to the Embarcadero guys for giving us the permission to talk about this.

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The power of a Community

David I.Just saw the David Intersimone’s post SourceForge announces winners of Fourth Annual Community Choice Awards mentioning that “The best open source project for enterprise was Firebird SQL and stressing that Firebird has its roots in Interbase, one of the Embarcadero‘s products.

Also, David (as well as other Embarcadero insiders) stated enough times already that they will support Firebird in their upcoming products (where applicable), including their flagship product, RAD Studio.

Also, David states that “We look forward to a great future working closely with the Firebird community.”

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