Delphi 2011 and beyond: The Libraries Ahead

There is enough speculation about what library / libraries we’ll encounter in the next version(s) of Delphi. We know that the next version code-named Fullcrum (don’t click here and here – AFAIK the links aren’t related with the team’s intentions ;-)) will be a cross-platform product which will target Windows, Mac OSX and Linux… Continue reading

Community pulse: New ways to enhance Delphi

There is an interminable thread on the public.non-technical battlefield called ‘Delphi for the Mac’. At the time of writing, there are approximative 500 (five hundreds) posts on that. (493 to be more exact). No, I won’t provide a link. Because I think that is better (at least now after 500 posts) to start a concrete discussion in order to enhance our tool of choice.

Don’t get me wrong, I do think that defending a tool is good, but this defense must take the form of enhancing our product, and not denigrating the other one just because it doesn’t fit with “my/our” philosophy.

So, in my humble opinion, we must take and adapt what is good on the other product (XCode / Interface Builder in this case) and avoid what is bad. I know that you are willing to do give feedback on this, the vast majority of you proved it many times, including in the last poll which we made. The results are depicted in our classical pie on the right.

However, our community has a long lasting disease – we transform ourselves in a community of talkers in order to be a team of doers. We had this also with .NET and now it seems that we start to have it with Mac. Sons, the better covering of user’s needs through innovation is the thing which will ensure our survival.

So, in short: …and correct me if I’m wrong. 🙂

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Giving a heading light

HeadingWe ended the first technology preview stage of our new tool – FileWatcher (we spoke about it here) and we’re heading to a release. There are significant improvements and additional features to that early version posted there, (btw, if you want something in special, you can post it in comments, or send an email) but now I don’t want to speak about these.

I rather want to speak about another human phenomenon which we encountered during the construction of this tool. Because we started something from scratch, we did an experiment: without compromising the product’s quality, we wanted to use Delphi as much as possible and any other 3rd party library (especially our libraries) as sparingly as possible… Continue reading

Why we didn’t convert to .Net. And perhaps we never will…

ShipFirst of all, let me tell you that I don’t care about Delphi as a product by itself. But I do care about our users.

In fact, I was a very convinced assembly guy at the beginning. I didn’t like ZX Spectrum’s Basic, neither the Commodore’s, neither CP/M’s (sorry, guys, perhaps your mileage may vary). Always I tried to please the others and Basic didn’t gave me the power to do this.

In the days of Turbo Pascal I was quite distant from the product because… Continue reading

The Anti-Case campaign

LegoSome time ago, Nick and Malcolm drew our attention on a site which promote an anti-if campaign. Well, I don’t know how much that campaign is interesting for us, because, sincerely, I don’t see any time soon the if construction removed from programming languages.

But I will propose another campaign which I think is much more stringent for Delphi developers… Continue reading

Delphi Legends 2009 Community Award: The interviews

WinnersHi guys, once again. We have one week since we published the results for Delphi Legends 2009 Community Award. We have also a lot of interesting info to publish both technical and some points of view regarding to important community events which we pass now (including the somewhat unrelated mySQL matter), but today we have a very special post. You will have the occasion to see who are the winners and what your chosen ones are thinking about. The post is rather long (it seems that is a fashion nowadays) but the content (in my humble opinion) really worth the effort… Continue reading

Community pulse: Delphi Survey hacked (well, almost) – Part 1

SurveyHi guys, first of all please let me tell you that we have some really interesting interviews with most of the nominees of our award! (more on the pipeline 😉 ) – be sure to check them out in the next posts. Since then, we see that all of you are occupied with the famous Delphi Survey and because this survey is really technical grade and complex please feel free to discuss, ask and comment here and / or in the newsgroups. Note that we snipped the ‘obvious / clear’ (imho) questions… Continue reading

Newsflash: The official Delphi 2010 Survey

RADStudio 2010A message from our projman in the .non-techical battlefield:


First, I want to thank you for all of your support in the past, present, and
future. Below is the link to the 2010 Delphi survey, this is conducted by
Embarcadero and the Product Management for the Delphi product. The
responses are extremely important to us and help to shape the vision and
future of the product.

I know the survey is long, very LONG! But again, the information we get
from the answers you give are needed more than ever.

Please pass this survey on to anybody you think would be interested in
filling it out.

Again, thanks!


Mike Rozlog
Product Manager – Delphi

Be sure to fill it! It is long but it worths the effort. It is one of the BEST surveys which I saw – ok, perhaps you’ll find ‘holes’ but its main feature is that they show that they know what’s happening. Well, but let’s see the implementation. Anyway, we must do our job.

Fighting The Battle of Innovation


“Father, what we are missing in order to become saints like the ones from the past?”

St. Seraphim of Sarov

Preamble: This post is a humble addition to a comment made by someone from you. I’m sure that he knows what I’m talking about… …feel free to skip if you wish…

…On the day of the attack on Pearl Harbor (December 8, 1941, in Manila),… Continue reading

The Memory Barrier: Poll results, Comments, Solutions.

aquariumHi again – we will return to strategy posts soon, but till then, I owe you some results. Asking “Would you like a solution delivered quickly which would allow accessing more than 2/4 GB?” (see here) it seems that the results are quite balanced, however it seems most of you want improvements in this area in a form or another. But let’s see our pie:… Continue reading

What about Class Types?


Too many men
There’s too many people
Making too many problems
And not much love to go round
Can’t you see?
This is a land of confusion.

Genesis, Land of Confusion

…Well, there IMHO there is a problem with the way in which we’re coding. And this problem come from the fact that the classes represent a (rather) static system designed on premise in order to address the needs of a problem which is dynamic in its nature… Continue reading

What means RAD anyway?

ClimbingOnce upon a time, Rapid Application Development “meant” IDE. This was Turbo Pascal. One could way faster work with an integrated environment rather than with disparate programs trying to fit them together in order to form a toolchain.

After this was the Visual bubble. The Form Designer with an Object Inspector near to it in order to speed up the GUI development process. This was Delphi and Visual Basic… Continue reading

For Whom The Bell Tolls


Take a look to the sky just before you die
It is the last time you will…

…being from enough years now a Delphi community member. Also, I monitor and/or I’m involved in other communities. But from some time now I look at Delphi community from outside. Also my other ‘specialty’ allow me to cast a very different eye on the matters. Different from a programmer perspective. But I’ll try to bind all the puzzles… Continue reading