Best. Programming Feature. Ever.

Programming Workflow

Programming Workflow

Working on the FileSuite (yes, we renamed the product – we think that this new name shows better what we try to achieve) we found what should be certainly labeled as the Best. Programming Feature. Ever!.

We even challenge everyone to find a better programming feature than this one. Please enter in the comments your “best” programming feature and the reason(s) why it should regarded like this and in one of the next posts we’ll set up a contest based on a poll with prizes.

But what we found?…

As some from you know we use Delphi 2010 (“the best Delphi ever”) to develop our FileSuite, the best utility ever – if you don’t believe, download it and have a look – btw we added from the last sub-release a new Visual Find & Replace engine which search in multiple folders at once with Regular Expressions support – OS integration in all forms (you can call OS’s registered actions for your files from anywhere – inside of backup, image compare, text compare etc.) and many more… But let us not digress.

Well, in our humble opinion the best programming feature ever can be found in the Delphi’s  SysUtils unit (yeah! – it is really a core thing!) and it looks like:

Unfortunately isn’t very well documented.
But we’re eager to listen about usage cases or anything similar, especially from the one(s) who implemented it.

For the time being we decided not to include it in the FileSuite but you never know… 😉

PS: The images are “as is”, no collage was made (except the necessary labeling) – the above one was shoot few weeks ago and the latter one was “printscreen-ed” and cropped few seconds ago. Have fun!

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